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Despite a hectic week and a 10+ hour work day, I am smiling ear to ear. Our family received some incredible medical news today, and I couldn't be more thankful. Our prayers were answered, and my Christmas wish came true! God is good. In other news, I just came home to a thank-you note from my twelve-year-old nephew. He's a hoot, I tell ya! The top of his birthday list this year? An anvil because he wants to learn how to be a blacksmith. (My mom got him one!) I find that so cool. He also told me he "reaaaally wanted a Big Farm burger from Bob Evans" because "he had one, one time, and it was (insert heavy sigh) so dang good he dreamt about it." :)


that drawing!

Also, in case you forgot that this city girl has country roots, this shoulda cleared things up. ;)

I hope your day had a day-maker, too!