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How are you? I'm le pooped! And it's only Tuesday so someone remind me to pencil in a nap. I had a bit of a meltdown this weekend (it had been a few weeks so I was due for one, you know) about who really knows what. It was a lot of things, but of course it surfaced in the middle of Anthropologie when a giant cookbook  (why do I choose the heaviest gifts?) was forcing a plastic bag to permanently dent my arm, and I was shaking because I forgot to eat, and I only needed to purchase one little thing but the line was seventy-four-tourists long. And then I hobbled home with all my bags, tubes of wrapping paper nearly knocking out innocent bystanders, to unlock 3 doors, make it up the stairs, and plop down in the two square feet of floor space we have "free." I know I'm like a broken record over here, but I really look forward to the days of lugging stuff in a ample a separate living room...and a Christmas tree bigger than a branch. I moved here at the ripe age of 21 and here I am, at 28, feeling...tired. NYC, ya wear me out girlfriend.

In happier news, I am SO tickled with all the shop orders this past week! You guys are the best, and have no idea how much I appreciate your support.  I've been working on my last dog illustration (2 wee ones in one drawing!) of the year which has been a lot of fun & a needed escape :) The studio is a little backlogged with printing, but I should have some Christmas cards stocked by the weekend in case you need any.  FYI, I will be mailing out final holiday orders on Friday, December 20th! Shop will be closed 12/21 - 1/2 while I unplug.

p.s. LINKS!


such a cute coat.

something to remember Paul Walker by besides his acting career & tragic death.

this link is for Patrick.

congrats to the smart/hilarious/talented Allie Brosh on her book! (Bought two copies this past weekend!)

what a powerful video.

the cutest 100-year-old woman.

this would make such a cute gift for a girl in your life.

something new I should offer for weddings? Maybe! ;)

if I had a cat, I'd get this. and if i had a dog, I'd get one of these.

little drummer boy.

hit up Dry Bar for some beauty gifts!

wanting to make a gift this year, but not sure what to make? make this. my sister made some for me last year (various recipes out there!) and it is the most luxurious addition to a shower especially during the winter!

this airline made me cry! (how sweet is this??)

nothing new or fancy about them, but these are zee best winter boots.

let's make this the goal.