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some bits of what's been happenin' around my neck of the woods!

Planes Trains and Automobiles

We didn't travel this year for Thanksgiving, which turned out to be quite the relaxing treat.

We watched one of our favorites ^^^ , saw the new Hunger Games movie,

and had a delicious spread at Hill Country with my dad.

Patrick carrying our Christmas tree

We also got our second baby tree! ^^^

*Yup, this is how you bring home your tree in NYC. It might have inspired my Christmas card this year! ;)

Christmas tree 2013

The great thing about baby trees is that you're like, "I'm gonna decorate!" and four and a half seconds later you're like, "TA-DA!"

Skirting the Issue by Essie

December calls for moody red nails. This one ^^^ is "Skirting the Issue" by essie.

Kelly Clarkson's new album

it also calls for Kelly Clarkson's Christmas album on repeat! ^^^

cannoli cart Quality Italian Dec 2013

I went to an insanely delicious dinner here with a girlfriend.

The waiter, upon hearing it was a belated birthday gathering, pushed over this cannoli cart ^^^ to our table and made one (a peanut-butter-chocolate-chip flavor!) right on the spot. I love this city.

filming Annie Dec 2013 (1)

I also love accidentally walking into movie sets. It's hard to see, but they're filming the new Annie movie up there!  ^^^

Here are some better pics of the next night:

filming Annie Dec 2013 (2)

filming Annie Dec 2013 (3)

They turned Cafe Cluny (my favorite restaurant in NYC) ^^^ into the pizza shop :)

Love how they changed the awnings and everything!

filming Annie Dec 2013 (4)


Mimi & me December 2013

I love dates with this girl. We seriously spend half the time making notes of things the other one needs to see/read/do.

They say it's so important to surround yourself with friends that inspire you, and this one keeps me on my creative toes. I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

foggy NYC

^^^ the foggiest day I've ever seen here. It was SO creepy!

Nelson Mandela quote

my favorite Nelson Mandela quote ^^^ and one to live by.

Maggie & me Dec 2013

look at my cute friend & her bump! ^^^ she's due in March! there is something so incredible (and surreal!) about seeing one of your best friends procreate, as weird as that sounds. I cannot wait to meet her little one!

packaging orders Dec 2013

packaging up orders! ^^^

This month, I've sent products to multiple spots in New York, DC, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Kansas, Alaska,North Carolina, Utah, Michigan, Pennsylvania, & Ontario!

I'm the most excited for a few custom designs/prints that people will be gifting this year...thinking of people I've never met unwrapping something I worked on and maybe that little something bringing them joy...

...well, it's a feeling I truly love.

(pssst, two of the dog prints here!)

Patrick pretending to be me Dec 2013

this one ^^^ keeps me laughing even when things get hectic.

"Do I look like you? Oh wait, let me do the Ginny pose."

Kate Middleton in Zara necklace

I call this ^^^ "Royalty! They're just like us."

I couldn't believe that A. I got this Zara necklace and B. a few weeks later, Kate made it famous.

She's such a copycat ;)

Mom on Santa's lap 1950

^^^ a throwback to 1950. this is my mother! (and one very creepy Santa.)

horse drawn carriage NYC Dec 2013

I realized I need to sign up for Uber already (a car service app)

when I almost took this guy ^^^ home from our holiday party.

Do y'all use it?

Meaghan, Patrick, Scott Central Park 2013

tundra trek! ^^^

Central Park Dec 2013

Central Park in the snow. ^^^

with Patrick, Meaghan, and Scott in front of the Rock Center Tree Dec 2013

with Patrick, his sister, and her husband in front of the tree at Rockefeller Center!

Despite some crazy weather, we sure loved seeing them this weekend.

I (majorly) lucked out when it comes to my soon-to-be second fam, you guys.

email from Mom about eyelashes

^^^ an email from my mother, ladies and gentlemen.

(Oh boy.)

Nirvana White perfume

and despite the fact that I don't care for the Olsen twins, I'm obsessed with their new perfume. (the white one!)

Have you smelled it?

I picked up some samples and one lucky eyelash-wearin-mama might get one in her stocking ;)


I hope you all have a fun week ahead! I feel like part of me is trying to just get through the next 5 days, but another part of me is hoping it'll slow down a bit. P & I are celebrating our little Christmas together tonight so I'm excited about that :)