And I'm Off!

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Phew! I survived the week. Where's my gold star?

photo 4

I finally sent out some Christmas cards!  ^^^ It only took me nine-thousand years to complete since I insisted on using a dip pen, stamp, and glitter tape. Yep! I'm already annoyed at myself for what's going to transpire with all the various wedding stationery comin' up :) I'll post a pic of my card design for this year sometime soon.

photo 1

Speaking of cards, I've gotten some pretty great ones! ^^^ I can't wait to see this girl and all ELEVEN nieces & nephews tomorrow!

Eleanor Stamp

My friend shared a pic ^^^ of my address stamp in action! Love seeing things like this!Harris Christmas CardThe only thing more exciting than receiving a Christmas card in your mailbox is receiving one you designed! LOVE how these ^^^ turned out! They were printed by St. Augustine Paper Company in a gorgeous Pinot Noir color.

photo 3

Even though this week felt like go-go-go, I had a couple appointments that forced me to stop and sit. ^^^ Is it sad that I also enjoyed waiting in the waiting room at my eye doctor for 45 minutes because it felt like a break? Yeah I'm due for a vacation.

photo 5

In other news, I saw Santa. Like, THE Santa. ^^^ No one else seemed to notice him and it was seriously bizarre. Maybe I saw him since I still believe??? Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

Two favorite things this week? This quote and this Instagram post. (Okay that last one mighta made my whole year.)

Today marks day one of a twelve-day vacation for me! I'm sort of sliding into the holidays a hot mess, but oh well. It'll be a miracle if I can manage with my bags today, I'll tell ya that. I'm taking the train to Virginia today to spend a few days with family and thennnn, I'm flying to Florida with Patrick & his family for a week! So basically I packed sweaters, bathing suits, all the other clothes I own, and a buncha heavy gifts. Here we go!

If I don't talk to you, have a wonderful holiday!!!! xo!