Sanibel Vacation

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Happy New Year, you guys!

I'm back from a wonderful trip to Sanibel Island, Florida with Patrick and his family. I'm already going through withdrawal from sunshine, sand, and the act of squishing a lime down into a refreshing Corona. I'm also considering just never unpacking and moving there tomorrow. That's where I'm at. So in lieu of emptying my sandy suitcase, I'll share a few pics and re-live our week!

photo 1

My view from the plane the morning after Christmas. ^^^ I woke up at 4AM to make my flight, ended up slipping and falling in the bathroom and getting sick from feeling so shaken. Let's just say it wasn't my best morning. Despite a rocky start, my wonderful mother helped me get to the airport in one piece!

photo 3, our resort view made me feel ALL better. ^^^

sunrise in Sanibel

photo 4

I've decided I'm going to spend my entire life trying to keep up with mister long legs.  ^^^ He also tried to teach me how to ride a bike which went a little bit like me shouting, "I got it! I got it!" and Patrick yelling, "no you don't! Push! Pedal! ARG!" I'm happy to report that I made it 5 rotations before almost tipping over. Better than nothing, I suppose, but I still have an empty box next to that life goal. I swear it has to be harder to learn as an adult. It's a mental block I can't seem to break. One 5

We also played a little beach volleyball! ^^^ Between running, "biking" (read: Flinstone-ing it around a parking lot), tennis, and spiking (ha), I'm SORE. Like little ol' lady sore. Maybe I should call out sick tomorrow? ... Okay fine, I won't.

photo 6

'Twas ruffle-bathing-suit day. ^^^

photo 7

photo 11

the crew! ^^^

photo 8

with the adorable Mac sisters. ^^^

photo 12

My secret Santa (Patrick's sister's husband!) gifted me a subscription to Birchbox! ^^^ How fun is that? I've given it to a few people, but have never received one before so I'm very excited. My first one contained this leave-in conditioner spray and lemmetellya, I'm obsessed. I can't get enough of the scent and it makes my hair feel so silky fresh.

photo 13

I loved seeing the Christmas decorations around the island. ^^^ You forget that it's totally normal for the locals to be celebrating in 80 degrees!

photo 14

My From the Hart Hello Sunshine tote made the trip! ^^^

photo 15

snapshots of a day spent in Captiva. ^^^


Is it bad that we're already counting down the days to our honeymoon? Figuring out where to go is on our to-do list this month!

photo 17

Do you see the dolphin fin?! ^^^

photo 18

watching the sunset with Patrick Sanibel 2013

Patrick's brother caught this little moment. ^^^

photo 19

We rang in the new year at a local restaurant called The Sandbar followed by a giggle-filled round of Balderdash back at the hotel. Beach fireworks set off in the distance and other hotel guests cheered, banging pots and pans on their balconies at the stroke of midnight!

photo 20

Not gonna lie...I've never started a year feeling the butterflies I feel this time. I'm so darn excited for you, 2014.

photo 21

This morning! ^^^ We sported our Sanibel 2013 tees to the airport. (Please also note the 15-passenger van we had for the week...made for quite a few laughs.) I designed the shirts and Patrick & I gave them to everyone as a little surprise. I doodled a cartoon on the back (poking fun of all, of course!) and we recreated the scene one day, capturing it on the camera. I'll try and share sometime soon!

For now? I'll leave you with this quote I'm keeping in mind as we start a new year with a fresh, clean slate.

photo 3