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Allow me to introduce you to PIPER & PIPPY, an adorable brand based out Charleston, SC with designs for your little girl or pup! The owner / designer / sewer extraordinaire is a dear childhood friend of mine. Whether we were making hats for my dress-up birthday parade or forcing her family to watch our puppet shows or going to dance class together year after year, we were inseparable as youngins' and I'm so delighted to be re-connected! Abbey is seriously the cutest and has ALWAYS had a creative eye. I still remember being in awe of how she decorated her room, displaying various knickknacks ever-so-beautifully. I coveted her clothes and accessories and admired everything about her unique personal style. Not surprisingly, she makes her own clothes now! Sigh! Once again, I want her entire wardrobe :)

I asked Abbey to give me a little background of her business.

I first started designing bows and bandanas for my best "furry" friend, Piper, with the scraps left over from all the garments I sew for myself. She is my little sidekick - there aren't many places I go that I don't take her with me, and  I really enjoy dressing her up to match my outfit. She doesn't seem to find as much enjoyment in the bows and bandanas as I do so I am constantly sewing outfits for myself and accumulating an insane amount of fabric scraps! Over the past year, we have had quite a few babies added to our extended family. I enjoyed designing handmade gifts for these babies so much that I needed a reason to make more! I'm also addicted to fabric and often find that the fabric I love just wouldn't be appropriate for a grown-up. To get my fabric shopping and designing fix, I decided to start Piper and Pippy. I chose Piper for the dog bows and bandanas (and because I'm obsessed with my dog and can't imagine not naming my shop after her) and Pippy for that red-headed pigtailed girl that I loved so much from my childhood.

Check out some of my favorite designs!

Piper and Pippy

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Aren't these downright adorable?! I know where I will be shopping for gifts.

Be sure and check out her STORE, BLOG, & INSTAGRAM to see more!