5 Beauty Favorites

beautyVirginia Hart2 Comments

5 Beauty Favorites

five faves right now!

1. Urban Decay's new Naked3 rose-hued eye shadow palette! Eye shadow has never been my thing until I met this crew. My favorite shade is called "Liar" which is described as a "medium metallic mauve shimmer." I've been told that warm eye shadow is particularly best with blue eyes, too! Mine are technically a grey denim color, but they wouldn't let me put that on my driver's license.

2. Bag Balm is NOT new. In fact, it's been around for over 100 years and was originally made to soften cow udders! If you have a serious case of dry, chapped skin ... or burned skin ... or if your pet does, even! ... look no further. This stuff is magical.

3. Speaking of dry skin, I'm loving a dry brush these days. Just simply brush your skin (make sure to get your knees & elbows) before you hop in the shower! Great for circulation, too.

4. Marc Jacobs "Role Play" lipstick is the perfect nude. And I don't mean skin nude - I mean LIP nude. It accentuates the natural color and never looks overdone.

5. Purple nail polish! DO IT! I know I'm gonna. These pretty shades are from here.