Where Should We Go?

travelVirginia Hart8 Comments


We need your help! In hopes of mentally escaping the polar vortex, we've been trying to figure out where to go for a honeymoon in late October! Aaand we're all over the place - literally - and can't seem to narrow down our search. It's a lot of, "ooo this place! this place!" and then we get distracted by another cool spot or turned off by an unflattering review. We're envisioning tropical with a good mixture of secluded relaxation and fun activities. Originally, we wanted to go pretty far away but the more we looked at flight prices and envisioned our tired selves post-wedding, the short hop to the Caribbean looked pretty darn nice. But! Then we realized that it's smack-dab in the middle of hurricane season. Do we take our chances? Or do we make a longer journey? Have you been anywhere spectacular? We'd really appreciate any tips or feedback you may have!


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