Some of Lately

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Some of Lately - me sitting on the dock in Sanibel Dec 2013 I have favorite months in NYC - ones that I look forward to, cherish, and miss. January isn't one of them. It's cold, there are abandoned Christmas trees dying on every sidewalk, and the holiday bliss is officially over. Warm weather seems a distant memory, but it's one that keeps me goin'. That, and honeymoon-destination-shopping. I very much appreciate your feedback last week, and will let you know when we figure out where to go!

Sanibel 2013 tshirts

I told you I'd show you the shirt I doodled for everyone on our Florida trip last month. ^^^ I'll spare you our only-funny-to-us inside jokes, but I poked fun at everyone including myself.

reinactment of Sanibel tshirt

 and here ^^^ is our reenactment! :)

January party at the Carters

Back in the city, we attended a fabulous little dinner party with friends. (and little miss bulldog, Madeline!) ^^^

We played Heads Up, Ellen Degeneres' game/app. It's hilarious! Have you heard of it?

iron and bookmark

 A. I received my first iron ever for Christmas, you guys! Aaaand it's less than 4 inches long. I live in the land of mini everything. I feel you, Buddy-the-elf!

B. "Getting married means sharing your toys." Or staying up really late so Patrick can watch the end of a game, I guess?

tolkien quote and wine bottle design

 couple recent projects! ^^^

A. We're selling a few prints of the Tolkien quote my brother & I gave to our family! [shop HERE.]

B. Seeing my calligraphy & graphic design on a wine bottle? Wild! ...saving it for a special occasion.

Kale salad and heart dishes

A. new favorite salad alert! I've had it every other night for the past week. It's simple, tasty, and easy-to-make.

ingredients:  shredded kale, pecorino cheese, slivered almonds, a pinch of truffle salt (THIS is my favorite), and a little fresh lemon juice. Last night I topped it with a soft boiled egg. Yum!

B. How cute are these miniature heart plates my friend gave me? (exactly one month til my favorite heart-filled holiday!)

jumping in the sand, love this moment quote

I've been thinking a lot these first two weeks of 2014 ... trying to figure out a sense of direction for myself in terms of personal career goals, and am feeling a swarm of emotions. It can be a little preoccupying, and I think sometimes I get caught up in looking ahead and planning too much that I forget to keep my focus on the now. It's a tough balance to strike, really, because some sort of plan/prep/vision is necessary ... but if you're not enjoying this moment then what's the point?

Anyway, I have two new goals to add to my 2014 list:

1. leap!

2. love this moment. even if it's a January moment. ;)