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loungewearjanuary While we're on the topic of what-January-means-to-us, I think most will agree that if January had a uniform, it would be loungewear. It's a season of layering and let's be honest, grandma wool isn't gonna cut it. We all need a plush snuggie disguised as a sweater-y wrap that we can fling around our bodies and voila! ... it's a fashion statement. And we're warm.  A win-win. You've tucked away your glittery holiday dresses, you're trying to up your attendance at the gym, and you're thoroughly enjoying modern day hibernation catching up on your favorite TV series on Netflix. "Why yes, I think I shall watch three in a row!" (Shhh. By three I  mean seven.)

Here are some faves.

 //  1  //  2  (lounge outfits need a light, fun bag!)  //  3  //

//  4  (this color isn't sold out) //  5  //  6  //

*  (bonus! my friend gifted me this water bottle, and I love it.)