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Hi there! What's on tap for your holiday weekend? We're traveling next weekend so I'm excited to stay put in our neighborhood and work on commissioned projects, orders, and wedding to-dos. (I'll tellya what, they've piled up!) And since I won't feel too guilty with the extra day thrown in, I'm FINALLY treating myself to some spa gift cards that I've been hoarding for a year! That's right, Sunday is a day of pamper ... complete with a detoxifying seaweed wrap & facial. Ahhh... I can feel the stress (and calligraphy posture) melting off my shoulders already! The spa notified me that I should show up at least 30 minutes early to take advantage of their "relaxation room." Well, if you insist! We might check out a movie if we can decide which one to see! That, or watch a lot of Breaking Bad :)

in the mood for some links? have a look.

the holidays have come & gone and there went all my wrapping paper. i was in a kraft paper stage there for a while, but now? i'm LOVING illustrative prints. good thing i found this incredible collection! as they say, "wrapping gifts nice shows you care twice." (love that quote.)

current favorite nail polish. (two complete strangers have come up & asked me about it! you gotta try.)

38 most haunting places.

such a fabulous braid.


my dear, gorgeous friend was featured with her adorable fiance on Brooklyn Bride!

how true.

peek inside Kourtney's home. also, her possession i'm most envious of.

i want to hang this quote in my future art studio.

rad pillow.

this website has adorable nursery room inspiration.

on my agenda for the weekend: how to wash & whiten your pillows!

this made me laugh.

these photographs of two brothers' farm life should be in a children's book.

i've started collecting fonts and plan to add to my collection. here are some great (free!) ones.

one of my favorite sources of wedding invitation inspiration.

something to remember.

another reason to love kate.

okay someone needs to throw a winter olympics party and make these!

this is on my reading list.

the important thing about yelling.

15 tips for living in a small space.


& have a wonderful weekend! xo, ginny