Happy National Handwriting Day!

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Happy National handwriting day

Today is the day to pull out your stationery and write someone a handwritten letter! And if you want to practice your handwriting and change it up a bit, today's that day as well. Personal handwriting style can tell a lot about someone, I think, and I especially love when there is something unique about it. It's your signature (literally!), after all. My mom has a very distinct cursive writing style and she only uses a specific white Uni-ball pen with black ink. My dad, a lefty, scribbles in all caps only using felt pens in green or brown. My stepdad only uses a fountain pen in a beautiful mess of thick black strokes. If I sit here long enough, I can think of everyone I love and envision their handwriting that I immediately recognize when I see it. Can you do the same? What does your handwriting look like? Do you have a favorite pen? Have you ever changed your signature? I'd love to hear.

:: my favorite everyday pen ::

:: my favorite calligraphy nib for a dip pen ::

:: a necklace from your signature ::

::  a necklace from a loved one's handwriting ::

:: an example of how you can mix different lettering styles ::

:: flourish ::