Happy Weekend!

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Patrick Newport Gulls 2006

Hi there! How are you? Exciting weekend plans? I'm checkin' out MAD tonight with a girlfriend for a belated Christmas date, and then Patrick & I are headed to Rhode Island tomorrow morning. He's being inducted into the Newport Gulls Hall of Fame, an impressive honor recognizing his past achievements as a pitcher and specifically, his summer playing for the Gulls in 2006! Yep, that's him in the pic above. The reason for the fold mark on the edge is because he wrote me a letter on the back and mailed it -- I used that photo to remember what he looked like that summer! Hard to believe we were even dating back then. Never did I think I'd be pulling that picture out of a box so many years later, about to attend a fancy dinner in his honor. Sigh... life sure is crazy-wonderful. I highly doubt I will be "allowed" to video his speech, but I'll try and snap a pic or two. I'm so proud & excited to celebrate him!

In other news, we booked the first part of our honeymoon this week! It's been the one thing keeping me sane in this bitter, bitter cold. I'll give ya all the deets when it's official, but our first stop involves zero electricity. YES!

I'm lame and only have one link for you this week, but it made me giggle.

Have a great weekend & stay warm!