Fighting Winter Blues

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Red Door Spa

I decided earlier this month when everything about me felt -- well, tired -- that it was time for a little rejuvenation. I pulled out some Red Door gift cards that had been weighing down my wallet for a year and treated myself to an afternoon at the spa! It was truly the most heavenly experience. All the silly stress in my life oozed right off of me, and I found myself questioning why on earth don't I go more often. Well, the cost, to be completely honest. I'm no Kardashian and can't justify weekly pampering services, but maybe I can save and go more often than every few years. I really should. But in a city that is constantly on the go-go-go, and in a routine where I'm admittedly burning the candle at both ends, I gotta find ways to frequently return to that relaxing zen in which I found myself that day. I entered the spa with winter lizard skin, shoulders tight/raised and in a hurry. I left feeling like butter buttah', practically skipping down Fifth Ave.

During one of my treatments, the aesthetician peered at my face through a magnifying contraption with a light as bright as the sun and asked me how old I was. I must be in denial that 28 is still young because she questioned my entire beauty routine, specifically what I'm doing to prevent signs of aging. Say what? I don't know about you, but my "routine" (if you call you-gotta-get-ready-in-15-minutes-because-you're-already-late a routine) is suffering because of these horrid winter temperatures. I've completely given up on my hair because there's so much of it that it's never completely dry and thus, it literally freezes on my commute. Excuse me while I unbend my crunchy locks in the elevator. And then my skin is so dry - or as the aesthetician told me, dehydrated - that it's just scary. I might just shrivel up and freeze to death! That's what I think when I'm out and about in this crazy city.

In hopes of fighting these winter blues and de-stressing more often, I'm going to start paying more attention to my routine by playing spa at home once a week :) Even if it's just using a body scrub or wearing a plush robe or taking longer to wash my face and makeup brushes or giving myself more than 15 minutes to make myself human in our itty-bitty bathroom, I need it. Anyone else out there fighting similar winter blues?

Here are a few products I've either tried or have been told to try!  [SlideDeck2 id=4127]

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