Newport Gulls Hall of Fame Induction

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Newport Gulls Hall of Fame 2014 Patrick's interview, Newport Gulls Hall of Fame 2014

Patrick with his parents, Martha, me, Newport Gulls Hall of Fame 2014

Patrick giving his speech, Newport Gulls Hall of Fame 2014

Hall of Fame inductees, Newport Gulls 2014

Above are a few snapshots from Patrick's induction into the Newport Gulls Hall of Fame in Rhode Island a couple weeks ago! It was truly a special ceremony dedicated to Patrick and the other inductees, honoring their impressive achievements.  As many of you know, Patrick endured quite a long battle with injuries that have ultimately prevented him from pitching again. Much of his final chapter as a professional athlete was a tiresome struggle so it was honestly incredible to see his hard work and talent celebrated in a way it deserved.  It hit me that night how thankful I am that I was able to witness that huge part of his life...that the video tribute they showed of him pitching was something I had seen in person. I've often wondered why it was necessary for us to meet as teenagers and to face so many obstacles and so much time before ever reaching a point where we could even logistically be together. I mean, there has to be an easier way to find your husband, right? :) While I chalk it up to us both needing to learn a lot before ever being ready to combine our lives, I now realize that I never would fully know or understand the guy had I not been around to see him chase his childhood dream. I hope he knows how very proud I am of him. I hope he knows I'm never going to let him forget how great of a pitcher he was. I hope he knows I'll never stop cheering him on while he chases new dreams.

Patrick gave a long and heartfelt speech, ending on the thought that we have to appreciate whatever is going on in our lives this very moment. We never know what hand we're going to be dealt, we never know when God is going to have other plans, and we often never know how good something is until it's taken away. Here's to making today, the moment, the now count.

Congratulations again, number 19. So proud of you!