Daydreaming About Our Honeymoon!

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I don't know about you, but I'm a bit of a mess. I can't keep up, I have a cold, I have a stupid dentist appointment this morning, we're expecting more snow and ice and NYC sidewalk obstacle courses since much to my dismay it's STILL winter. The only thing that is keeping me sane right now during this dreadful cold is daydreaming about our honeymoon. That's right, we're booked! We decided not to go anywhere TOO far away as we really can't justify anything longer than a week. Plus, we both envision a fall-asleep-in-the-sun kind of trip and we don't really need to venture across the world for that. We also decided to not take our chances with hurricane season in the Caribbean. Even though we obviously have zero control over the forecast, we felt that we'd have better luck of seeing more sunshine in a different ocean. So! We're headed to the Pacific Coast of Mexico (hooray!!!) and staying in two different spots :)

The first place we're going has zero electricity. No joke, mi amigo! It's an all-inclusive sanctuary reserve & spa where we'll have our own private bungalow on the water in a ring of other bungalows. Fans are solar powered during the day and at night, everything is lit by candlelight. The only way for us to get to the bungalow where they serve meals? Row in our own little rowboat. YES. I honestly can't think about it without giggling. There's a beach, horse-back riding, kayaking, etc. With so many distractions in life these days, I am really looking forward to turning our electronics off and literally unplugging. It sounds heavenly.

Hotelito online pictures

and a glimpse at La Campana, the bungalow we were assigned:

La Campana Hotelito

Since I know us, I also know we won't last in that sort of seclusion for too long without wanting to kill one another :) (I say that with the utmost love, Patrick!) So after three nights, we will head north two hours and stay in a more typical all-inclusive resort!

Puerto Vallarta

We scored some sort of honeymoon package that comes with fun extra treats. The three things that sold us on the particular resort was the proximity to downtown and various activities, the fact that there's a swim-up bar in the pool (priorities, people!) and the fact that they offer 24-hour room service included in the all-inclusive. So, if we want pizza...a bottle of wine...a bowl of fruit...anything! We can have it delivered to our room. Anytime. Sign me up!

The craziest part of booking a honeymoon is when they ask for the name for the room. And even though you tell them your maiden name, they know it's your honeymoon and send you this:

Hotel Confirmation

(Ahhhh!!!! Aren't those his parents?! Ha!)

I'm just a little excited if you can't tell. We've actually never taken a vacation together in our nine-thousand years of dating so I think we're due for one :)


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