Engagement Gifts for the Bride

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engagement gifts for the bride

A little list to save and reference for when your girlfriend gets engaged!

While personalized gifts always take the cake, here are some items that I love and find helpful:

1/2. The first thing a girl does when she gets engaged? She kisses her fiance. And then she calls everyone she knows. And then? She gets a manicure. Gift her with some shades that scream, "I'm going to be a bride!" My favorites are "Blushing Bride" by Essie and "Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs." by O.P.I.

3. An adorable mini leather wedding planner for her purse! (pink / blue) I love mine. I have yet to find a large planner/folder/binder that I like (I made my own) so it looks like I need to design one.

4. I'm usually not into pet names (I will NOT be calling Patrick "my hubby") but I really like this tee. It probably has something to do with the lettering! ;)

5/6. Bridal mags! Gift her a subscription or just pick up one from the local drugstore and put a big bow on it. So easy! My favorites are Brides and Real Simple Weddings.

7. Champagne! The mini-bottles are extra cute and available at your local wine store.

8. A how-to-plan-a-wedding-book.  So, so helpful!

9. After she gets a manicure, the next thing she'll do is clean her ring to keep that sparkle :) Makes a great gift! I use this one.

10. A travel size is also really nice, especially if her wedding isn't local and she'll be back and forth for events. I like this kind.

Do you have a go-to gift you love to give to friends when they get engaged?