A Spring Trend I'm Gonna Try

fashionVirginia HartComment

slouchpantsJust think. It's that transitional spring Saturday afternoon. It's too chilly for shorts, but you want something more airy than the skinny jeans you've been sporting all winter. You don't want to wear a dress (especially not tights), and leggings are too casual for where you're heading. You want what sometimes seems very difficult ... to feel comfortable, but also look cute.

Enter slouch pants! While I'm typically skeptical of trends trying to challenge a more classic shape of clothes, I'm very much on board with this one. I was never a fan of the harem pant -- the version that is TOO slouchy in the crotch -- but they finally got it right. I love the elastic waistband, the slimmer ankle, and the dressier materials. What do you think? Would you wear them?

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