Hable Construction

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I could fantasize about decorating a home all the live-long-day. And with a move on the horizon, that's exactly what I'm doing. Ya know, along with thinking about a gazillion other things. I've actually had trouble sleeping lately because my brain goes into overdrive the second my head hits the pillow.

Did I change the meeting time on my boss' calendar? And confirm the reservation? I should email the vendor in the morning to confirm the lighting option for the reception. Did  I hear back from the florist? Hmm...what do I envision for my client's invitation design? Oh I know! Should I get up and write it down or will I remember in the morning? Shoot, I need to file my taxes. Don't forget. Ok, who all has birthdays in March? Crap, don't forget to make an appointment to choose a veil. Where are we going to live in a few months? I need stamps. And conditioner. But not the same conditioner as I have now. A new kind. Don't forget to find my headphones. I need to address at least 25 envelopes tomorrow night. Don't forget. Oh shoot, I should make an appointment to get my cholesterol checked. I should really get up and write all this down. What the heck is going on in True Detective? Eeek, stop thinking about it because you're getting scared. Let's see, think about decorating! 

When it comes to home decor, it's all about the fabric for me. I typically gravitate towards neutral furniture in a mixture of traditional, shabby, and modern and then pull in colors and patterns in the accents. Hable Construction is one of my favorites! I use their "storage boxes" to hold magazines & art supplies. I'm particularly a fan of their new rugs... I mean, is that heart pattern screaming my name, or what?!

Check out Hable Construction's website here! (pssst, the rugs are sold here.)