Toms - New Styles!

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Toms new styles  

I don't know about you, but this never-ending winter has left me at my wits end. I am struggling to feel energized or motivated, and I feel as if I'm army crawling to a vague promise of spring. Is it coming? It has to, right? RIGHT?!

Meanwhile, there are a few things I can day-dream about to feel better. Like, not having to wear winter boots. About two weeks ago, I looked down at my "winter-proof" boots and giggled at the absurdity. I counted seven holes in them. SEVEN. And they weren't even a year old! I know I walk a lot in this city, but still. I sucked it up and bought a new brand/pair and threw the hole-y ones in the dumpster. (I got a short pair in this brand which I actually really like.) All I kept thinking about, though, was how excited I was for it to be time to wear TOMS again. I practically live in mine during the warmer months! I found myself perusing their website and came across SO many cute new styles. Not only did they collaborate with Jonathan Adler, but I'm also loving the idea of trying out their sandals & wedges... Are you a fan of TOMS? SHOP HERE