Friday Links!

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taxi in NYC


It might be horribly cold again, but it's Fridayyy! Normally I'm all, I can't believe it's already the end of the month! ... but February -- your 28 days were sufficiently long, my friend. Anyone else excited about March?!

I have a bunch of random things to accomplish this weekend, but still have some fun events to look forward to. I'll be attending a girlfriend's bridal shower at this cool restaurant, watching Patrick cheer against Virginia for the first time ever as they take on Syracuse, celebrating our friend who's moving to San Diego :( and watching the Oscars! I really haven't seen many of the movies, but I might try and fill out this ballot still. Not gonna lie, I'd love to see Matthew McConaughey win. Have any of you been watching his new series, True Detective? Talk about intense.

Here are some links for your day!

10 facts you didn't know about gingers.

an illustration of every dress worn by the winner of an academy award for Best Actress.

(speaking of! how talented is this little girl?)

i love Paul Rudd.

what a sweet quote for a little girl's room.


SJP has a new shoe line at Nordstrom!

yum! three recipes - breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

the mega baby registry site. (love the unique things you can add!)

what a perfect weekender tote.

you guys, look what celeb is wearing the slouch-pant trend I blogged about.

this made me laugh.

the kind of bangles that everyone would ask about.

i like this grocery shopping formula.

the coolest DIY place mats.

and some advice from Amy Poehler.