Oscars 2014: Bridal Trend!

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Oscars 2014 Bridal Trend

Maybe I just have weddings on my mind (???), but I couldn't help myself from noticing the bridal trend last night! I simply can't get enough of the whites and creams and nudes and blushes ... not to mention that perfect shade of blue. Lupita! You're amazing, girlfriend.

So tell me. Did you have a favorite dress of the night?

P.S. You knew I was pulling for Matthew McConaughey -- I was SO happy (might have thrown my hands in the air) to see him and Jared Leto win for their performances in Dallas Buyers Club (a must-see) and I thought their speeches were downright incredible - hands down the best two of the night. Speaking of! Here is my new favorite quote.

all photos via E! Online