Zoe Chicco Jewelry

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Zoe Chicco

While I happily wear jewelry on all ends of the "niceness" spectrum - whether it's a $5 plastic statement necklace, a Murano glass ring, a leather wrap bracelet, rhinestone costume earrings, or a diamond ring - my favorite pieces are often 3 things:  good quality/dainty/light enough to wear ALL the time. The first thing I do when I walk into our apartment at the end of the day? Take off all my jewelry that I can feel. (Yes, including my engagement ring!) I love jewelry (no seriously, am obsessed with the stuff), but I can't get it off of me fast enough when I walk through the door. I know - weird.  It's a tactile thing, I think. There ARE pieces, though, that I can't feel so I just leave on all the time. So even when it's Saturday morning and I'm half-awake lugging laundry to the cleaners or hitting up Starbucks, I'm still wearing a couple pieces like barely-there earrings, perhaps a thin ring, and my heart necklace that I haven't taken off in ages. I'm sure I'll switch it out at some point, but I actually like wearing at least one piece nonstop. Does anyone else do that? Or do you switch it up every day? I have a feeling I might choose to wear just my wedding band on its own sometimes. Anyway, I'm a huge fan of ZOË CHICCO's collection. Some pieces are pricier than others,  but I think good quality is worth it if it's a piece you plan on wearing all the time! SHOP HERE.