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Lately, there's been...

  • a ginormous party limo picking us up to go wine-tasting in the Hamptons for a friend's bachelorette!
  • the incredible dear-to-me bride.
  • a reminder to live at the beach sometime in my life so I can have a similar view.
  • my very own wrapping paper designs!
  • a day-maker Valentine from my Godson.
  • chocolates & a sweet note from our wedding photographer.
  • walking outside to find our street set in 1967 while they filmed "Public Morals."
  • a gift wrapped in a lotta love from the Hart. ;)
  • a farewell to our friend who moved to San Diego last week!
  • just my hyacinth helping me try out a Brooklyn green cab for the first time.
  • mimosas & a bridal shower for that beauty!
  • my new favorite quote. "There are 3 things I need in life: Something to look up to, something to look forward to, someone to chase." - Matthew McConaughey
  • trying to learn how to write in white ink.
  • envelopes.
  • more envelopes.
  • Maybelline's Baby Lip lip balm, my new drugstore obsession.
  • a snapshot of my talented friend's wedding invitation RSVP postcard - she painted a large-scale image, inspired by a 1927 silent film, and had it printed on them!
  • the sweetest gift from family - a little chalkboard for love-notes. when patrick & I used to date long-distant, we had a thing where the one that was leaving at the end of the visit had to hide a note somewhere. cheesy-weesy, i realize, but it made the endless goodbyes more bearable. thus, i love love-notes :)

it's been a busy, happy, creative, & love-filled stretch! only 10 more days until it's officially spring, you guys.

cannot wait.