Happy 28th Birthday, Patrick!

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Patrick turn 28

 ^^^ just some blasts-from-the-past with the birthday boy

Patrick turns 28 today! Or as he says, "not until 7:07PM" when he was born. He's not someone who likes birthdays (whereas I'm a total spaz about them) so I consider it my duty to figure out how to make him enjoy them. Wish me luck!

The other day he was watching me brush my teeth and said, "Do you realize I'm going to be watching you brush your teeth when you're 80?!!"  It's those silly little moments where it all hits you - the realness of the "til death do us part" vows we'll be taking later this year. I fully expect there to be ups and downs in our future ... for some birthdays and years to come with more struggle than others ... but I feel so fortunate that I get to be there for every new year and birthday song going forward. Let's just hope my singing voice improves with age ;)

Cheers to the sweetest (& funniest) guy around. I'm so excited to celebrate tonight! Patrick picked out where he wants to go so we're headed to this restaurant that has a basketball court inside :)