What Should You Add to Your Registry?

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What  Should You Add to Your Registryoriginal

To be perfectly honest, I've never been a registry-using kind of gal. I gravitate towards gifts that are personalized, items I like & want to share with others, and anything I see that screams someone's name. I've also started liking the idea of "this shall be the gift I give everyone who has a baby" mentality. Signature gifts, if you will. While I keep a chronological list of birthdays & special events in the back of my planner and try to shop accordingly, I've also found myself buying WAY ahead of time these past couple of years because I know if I see something I should save myself the future time by going ahead and getting it. Trouble is, we all know my storage space is non-existent. Plus, it's easy to forget that I've already bought someone's Christmas gift in March! And sometimes that holiday or birthday rolls around and you realize that person might actually want/need something different. For instance, I know that I'll have my eye on totally different things come December than I do now -- I should expect it's the same for others.

Back to registries ... this is the first time I've ever been on the receiving side of one as Patrick & I prepare for our wedding 7 months from tomorrow. And despite my reluctance to use them or even wait close enough to a special date to see what someone might actually need, I totally get it now. We obviously don't want to end up with 3 blenders or a plethora of random odds & ends that we'll never use. While surprises and non-traditional wedding gifts are obviously exciting, there's something to be said for knowing we might finally get to eat off matching plates.

With that said, we need your help. Even though we're 28, our kitchen supplies mirror that of a sophomore in college. We don't really even have a place to sit and eat at the moment, but that should hopefully change when we move in 3 months! A glimpse at our current state: We have one semi-sharp knife, two pots but only one is big enough to hold something more than a can of soup since we have to store them inside our oven. (Yes.) Neither of them have a lid.  We have zero casserole dishes or whatever those things are that I see in people's homes. We have a cheap set of silverware, like 4 of each, but some are bent. We have more mugs than we'll ever use, a pig-themed ice cream scoop, a wooden spoon, Christmas-themed kitchen towels, zero place-mats, a bunch of coozies, one champagne flute, and a spatula that looks like it's from 1973. It's a pathetic sight, my friends.

So!!! Anyone who actually has a grown-up kitchen ... anyone who has been on the receiving end of a gift registry for home-goods ... anyone who has more knowledge than we do: WHAT SHOULD WE ADD TO OUR REGISTRY? Is there, like, a set of pots & pans that will change our lives? What knives are best? Do you actually use that Kitchen-Aid mixer thing? And do people still register for fancy china? Tell me your secrets :) Thanks so much for any guidance! xoxo.