Five Beauty Faves

beautyVirginia Hart2 Comments


1. Something new I've been adding to my beauty routine? Hair masks. I only use them occasionally, when I have a little more time to spare, but my hair seems to really respond to it. I tried a sample of Living Proof's version - it's free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, and triclosan and it restores hair from damage and prevents future damage if you're someone who styles/colors your hair. Β Consider it a step up from your normal conditioner!

2. One of my new favorite scents for spring? Tory Burch! I recently gifted it to someone which I'm always so hesitant to do (scents are so personal), but the second I smelled it, I knew it would make a fun little surprise! The scent is described as "feminine and tomboy, easy and polished."

3. Did you know that Michael Kors makes nail polish? Me neither! I want to try. To celebrate the last day of winter (HALLELUJAH!), let's all get a white mani. I actually have Essie's "Blanc" on my toes and it's lasted a really long time (like strangely long) so I might just do that :)

4. Urban Decay keeps knockin' it out of the park. My new favorite bronzer/blush/highlighter pallete? Native. Big perk that it's a 3-in-one type deal.

5. My favorite lip colors for spring are bright, not heavy, and in the middle of the spectrum of red and pink. Think watermelon, poppy, etc. The best one I've found? "Shout" by Marc Jacobs! I'm wearing it hereΒ :)