March Love

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March Love

Weather-wise, March has felt like a repeat of February here in the big apple. I feel like I've had the same discussion of, Here's hoping it warms up soon. I can't believe it's still so cold.  It'll be nice when things warm up ... SOON, I think! over and over and over and over again. I don't think anyone realizes how close May and June are, for example, because it feels like we're stuck in some weird time warp where it's going to be winter for all eternity. In a time where I'm trying to implement a whole lotta change, this weather can feel stifling.

At any rate, there HAS been some light in an otherwise dark and cold little month:

  • We celebrated Patrick's 28th birthday! (Here's proof he's still a 10 year old at heart.) I sure do love him. Even if he does get to go to the Virginia game tomorrow without me. (Hmph!)
  • I pulled out some neon in a desperate hope to ignite spring weather.
  • I've actually enjoyed being more aware of what I'm eating, opting to see food as fuel/medicine and choosing my meals with more intention. Some new favorite restaurants for healthy options include The Fat Radish, The Little Beet, and Sweetgreen. I've also been cooking more and am still amazed when it's actually edible! I'm excited for a bigger kitchen and more space to learn what the heck I'm doing. I met with my doctor after this post and she's giving me one month to see if I can lower my blood pressure with lifestyle changes. If it's still high then I'll start medication. She made the point that my genes just might be too much to beat no matter how healthy I get, but I'll feel better making that step if I'm at a healthier state and it's clear it's necessary.
  • I met my friend's 3-month-old cutie patootie! He wasn't so sure what to think of me, though -- look at that side-eye he's giving me! :) And one of my best friends had her first baby on the 14th... a beautiful baby boy named Charles. Annnd there's a chance I might get to meet him in 2 days....fingers crossed!!!
  • Oh, and that's a throwback to this little lady making a list in a ridiculous set of pajamas. Nothing has changed there.
  • I took my own advice and painted my nails white (yet another attempt to welcome spring).
  • I wished my dear sis-in-law a happy birthday with some old pics.
  • I sent off an address stamp to Texas! I always love return customers :)
  • We went to an apartment party at my adorable friend's place (the one wearing the amazing crop-top!).
  • I received the most incredible package of pouches & an art roll, sewed by this talented lady!

Three other things of note, not pictured:

  • I tried out Stitch Fix for the first time! Have you heard of it? Patrick's older sister told me about it, and then I stumbled upon it again and figured I'd give it a try. It's a styling service where you answer a bunch of questions about your style preferences/sizes/etc. and they mail you a box of items and you're able to easily send everything back if you don't like it by just paying a $20 stylist fee that is credited towards any of the items if you choose to keep them. I only ended up keeping 2 things but it felt like Christmas! What a clever business model. My favorite part might have been the personal note from my stylist who mentioned specific images I had pinned on Pinterest for her inspiration! 
  • I might have already told you but I am obsessed with the show, Shark Tank. Like, I have made it a point to watch every old/new episode I can find. Just thought I should let you know. I might follow Mark Cuban on Instagram now. Is that weird?
  • I'm a new artist contributor over at Society 6! I'm still learning the ropes and figuring out what artwork I'm going to include on there, but right now I have two dogs featured. It's so fun to see them on a phone case!

Also! To circle back on this post, THANK YOU for all the incredible comments/emails/texts/messages on registry suggestions. I can't tell you how helpful it is! Thank you again. xo!