Happy Weekend!

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Happy weekend! Fun plans? I'm excited to check out some proofs of a friend's 3-piece invitation set tonight at the studio! And then I'll be cheering on UVA from bed since my alarms (will require multiple) are going off tomorrow before 5AM. I'm heading down to a workshop in DC hosted by my fabulous consultant/mentor/inspiration, Meg Biram. I can't even tell you how excited I am! Then I'm going to spend the afternoon exploring a rainy Georgetown and seeing a friend/new momma! (yay!) I'm also actually really looking forward to the time on the train with books and a sketchpad. I cherish solo travels!

Sunday, I'll mostly work on some illustration projects back at home. I might also pick up my wedding shoes from the store and wear them around the apartment just for fun while Patrick's coaching ;)


this watch would look so bright/fab with a summer tan.

a pretty planner to keep track of meals, meetings, etc. throughout the week.

This is proof that different shades of white can all work together as beautiful accents in a room.

Confession: I'm totally excited about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out in August! Have you seen the trailer? Fun fact: My brother was a foot soldier in the original.

what a cute party dress!

what people around the world eat every day.

I saw a company on Shark Tank (toldja I'm obsessed) that sells this kit, CitiKitty, that potty trains kitties - even old ones! I'm pretty sure our problem of where-do-we-put-a-litter-box is solved and think our new apartment might need to have a third roommate :) Oh, Paaatrick.

Step aside, Miley. This girl can sing your song 1000x better than you.

chambray romper? yes, please.