Blush & Blue Scarves

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blush and blue scarves

If you ask me, scarves are a year-round necessity. Even in the dead of summer, places crank the A.C. and you find yourself all chilled in your short-sleeved dress unable to enjoy the movie because you're fah-reezing. And just like white is now totally acceptable pre Memorial Day and post Labor Day, I'd like to also declare that cashmere is similarly approved in the form of a scarf year-round. Obviously if you're at an August picnic outside, you're going to opt for the linen material...but if you have a long flight, it's more than okay to bring a cashmere wrap as a scarf/blanket! It's just so plush & snuggly.

I'm making my packing list for some travel in a few days (trains, planes, and automobiles!) and I'll definitely be bringing a scarf. I find myself currently drawn to nude/blush & grey/sky blue ones...and solid colors unless it's a lace or stripe pattern (love!) that can go with a lot so you're fine with just bringing/wearingΒ one. As I get older, it's all about making it easy on myself and knowing what works best. Just as I know that I'm always going to opt for stud earrings I can't feel (I hate heavy earrings!) and I'm always going to need a physical planner & pen for keeping track of my life, I also know that scarves are key accessory in my wardrobe. What about you? Are you a scarf fan? Do you prefer cardigans?

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p.s. 5 ways to tie a scarf, and a great object to store thinner ones.