Happy Snippets

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Aprl 2014looking back at the happy snippets from the end of March & beginning of April:

  • a throwback to our college days. I'm very much looking forward to spending some time in our old stomping grounds this weekend!
  • oh, NYC. the first warm-enough night of the season to retire the winter coat. Spring, you're late, but I'll forgive you.
  • conducting super important research on the train to DC. P & I had a "wedding meeting" (it's the only way to get things done, you guys) on Saturday and decided all of our ceremony details. while I obviously love the stationery and decor projects and thinking about our reception party, it's the ceremony that gives me the most butterflies. I am an emotional train-wreck when it comes to sappy moments so I honestly wonder, Will I pass out? Will I make it through the vows without ugly crying? TBD, I guess!
  • an excerpt from this book that's on my reading list and a glimpse from Meg Biram's incredible workshop which was a total game-changer for me.  she plans on eventually having the material available online which I'd highly recommend checking out.
  • the best goodie bag in the history of goodie bags - items from Kate Spade, Illume, Tieks, & Bauble Bar.
  • i mean, look at this necklace! such generous sponsors.
  • meeting a best friend's newborn son, Charles. does it get any sweeter? 15 days old and as tiny & precious as can be.
  • just listen to his noises here! (press play) i've watched that at least 37 times since.
  • a special throwback birthday shout-out to my amazing big brother, Jon. when your siblings are 14, 16, and 18 when you're born, they're your heroes :)
  • "there are no rain checks on gym days!" - my new Kate Spade umbrella I won at the workshop! I never win anything so I was super excited. I love it because I can actually see where I'm going!
  • and my favorite date - X. XVIII. MMXIV :)