White Love

fashionVirginia HartComment


While it's no secret I'm a fan of colorful clothing (I mean, I wore head-to-toe pink to church yesterday while the rest of the congregation wore dark colors....oh, New York), there's nothing more classic or fresh than black & white. I tend to always reach for those pieces in my closet because they're so easy and perfect on their own or paired with any accessory. And just as I'm a fan of white bedding and towels (one perk is that you can bleach them, if needed!), I'm also loving white in my wardrobe these bright sunshine-y days :) I'm either pairing the white with colorful pieces or wearing it all on its own! Two white items that you'll wear again and again? A good, comfortable pair of white jeans and a crisp tee or tank. (I never spend too much on the latter, though, since they don't last many years.) The loose one above from Everlane is a perfect staple - I'm obsessed with their collection. will never believe the price of #5!

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