Easter with Bryan Cranston

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Easter 2014 1. This little back-up iPhone battery charger is a life saver when traveling (and getting stuck in the airport for hours on end) or! ...when you're gone all day and all of a sudden your phone goes from 30% charge to buh-bye, I'm dead. Even though I've lived in NYC for a while (7 years next month - yikes!), my phone is also a sense of security. It's my navigation system, my emergency line, and my camera. I mean, if you happen to meet one of your favorite celebrities of all time, you better have enough juice to snap a pic! ;)

2. A throwback to when my sister stole my Easter hat. Also, why am I dressed like Minnie Mouse?

3. Someone had sprinkled confetti the entire length of our sidewalk on Friday morning. Likely the Easter Bunny's doing.

4. The empire state building lit up in pastels.

5. A date night on Broadway to see "All the Way" about Lyndon B. Johnson. Highly recommend.

6. Remember what I said in #1??? IT HAPPENED! We met Bryan Cranston! Walter White! As you can see from our faces, we were completely geeking out.

7. We invited him to Easter brunch at Elephant & Castle! ;) Like my Heisenberg doodle?

8. Nothing beats an Easter afternoon picnic down by the Hudson with good friends...

9. ...and a poodle named George Washington! :)

As far as Mickey? We haven't seen him again and think he went back to where he came from. After hiring a professional cleaning service (um, never done that before and might need to make it an annual thing. so nice!), we feel much better about the situation. It helps that we're starting the apartment search & seeing the first one tomorrow! As grueling as this process tends to be, it's at least fun to imagine ourselves in a new space. Big changes, I'm ready for ya. I think.

And on a totally unrelated note, do you know of / recommend an Episcopalian priest in Virginia? Please message me, if so! Xo.