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  1. amen! an open letter to that woman in the salon. (one of my *biggest* pet peeves!)
  2. notice.
  3. my last pair have lasted almost a decade, but i think it's time for a new one.
  4. we went to a james blunt concert monday night (so FUN!) and this catchy group opened for him.
  5. cuteness overload!
  6. i'm really excited to work a wedding this weekend in this gorgeous space.
  7. new dad? write this to your lady this mother's day.
  8. yeesh, so true.
  9. 20 dates under $20 in NYC!
  10. the new Lonny relaunch issue is here!
  11. how you feel when you're looking for an apartment in NYC.
  12. i dream of having a library of books, and designing one of these (can we bring them back in style?) for them.
  13. what a pretty pajama set.
  14. document the month-by-month in your little one's first year with this custom velcro canvas.
  15. leave it to Cranston for the cutest response to, "What's your favorite thing about her?"