Mirror Seating Chart

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MirrorSeatingChartbyVLHart I wanted to share a couple pictures of a seating chart I did for a wedding reception this past weekend! I love any project that challenges me so this was beyond rewarding.


The space is unbelievably beautiful.  It's a loft in northern Chelsea near the Hudson River on the 12th Floor and the light is so dreamy. If we were getting married here in the city, I'd love a place like this. Patrick dropped me off around 1PM all excited for was really sweet. Also, doesn't he remind you of Bruce Almighty up there? ^^^

My job was to take a guest list with names and table numbers, alphabetize them, and hand-letter 155 names on an 8-foot mirror. And to be honest, it was even more challenging than I anticipated. When writing on a mirror, it's really bizarre because not only are you seeing your reflection and forced to focus your eyes differently, you're seeing the mirrored shadow of everything you write. Trying to keep it all straight when you're right up against it is hard as well...especially when you're hanging off the side of a ladder :)

Typically, I work from home at my own pace, and the only person who sees me work is that crazy roommate of mine. With this? Not only was I on the clock, but everyone setting up around me was watching. Seeing the reflection of the catering wait-staff lined up behind you is a little nerve-wracking, you know? It was funny hearing things like, "Don't rush the calligrapher!" and "Mind the calligrapher's space!" Guests started arriving around 6 for a 6:30PM reception and I wrapped up around 5:45...phew! I didn't realize how tense and focused I had been until I walked outside and didn't mind walking all the way home in the rain. I could breathe again!


Ta-da! The main tools I used? White acrylic paint + a white china marker (a waxy chalk-like pencil for marking lines) + Windex wipes :)


I was so happy with how it came out! Here's one more close-up:


 Isn't it a fun way to have guests find out where they're sitting? I think so :)

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