Spring Fling

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While I have yet to start packing up our apartment, I have been trying to look at my clothes and separate the ones I actually wear from the ones I keep for that but maybe I'll need it one day! occasion -- ya know, the one that never happens. I was given a genius tip recently:  

When you put your clothes away from the laundry / dry cleaners, hang the hanger the opposite direction (in my case, facing me) so after a few weeks you see what you're actually wearing week-to-week. 

Then you can easily take them and put that batch on one side of your closet. It definitely makes you more mindful of what kind of pieces you're reaching for, what new pieces might become similar wardrobe staples, and what you can get rid of! Above are some clothes, shoes, accessories, and the most moisturizing lipstick/gloss that I'd wear again and again.