Bride Emergency Kit

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Bride Emergency Kit

One of my mottos in life is, you never knowww. It can be applied to various situations, see. I'll use it if my friend meets a dreamy guy that sounds too good to be true and she's already questioning it. You never knowww. I'll use if we're betting against the worst situation happening. Cue realist: Well, you never knowwww.Β I also use it when I prepare for my day-to-day experiences. That's right, you never knowww. I dunno if I'm just more awkward than a normal human being, but I always find myself in "special" situations where I'm spilling all over myself, or the middle button of my shirt just pops right off, or my heel breaks off in a sidewalk grate, or I get all the way to work to discover I forgot deodorant, or my black ensemble is covered in fuzz. So with hopes of being a little less disastrous, I carry a purse with compartments & smaller bags of helpful necessities.

In seeing my friends get hitched, I've realized that one of the most helpful things on a bride's wedding day is to be prepared on her behalf. She needs to have her head in the clouds for the day! But since it's difficult to carry a giant purse of necessities like I usually lug around, I find that it's helpful to make a little homemade emergency kit for her to keep on hand. I know they sell them pre-made, but I swear it's better and more affordable to create your own. The key is to buy mini-versions of things and to think of all possible scenarios. If you're questioning whether something will come in handy, remember! never knowww. ;) Have we had to pull out the super glue for a bride before? YES.

Here are some ideas, both pictured & not pictured:

  • breath spray
  • deodorant
  • eye-makeup corrector / remover
  • Shout wipes
  • Vaseline
  • super glue
  • sewing kit
  • floss
  • miniature toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Listerine tabs (better than mouthwash or gum, in my opinion)
  • eye drops
  • safety pins
  • lint roller or lint removing sheets
  • lotion
  • Gas-X
  • Airborne
  • Advil
  • Blowfish (combo of aspirin & caffeine to fight a hangover)
  • ChapStick (Carmex is my personal go-to)
  • Band-Aids
  • tissues (lots)
  • hair spray
  • dry shampoo
  • bobby pins
  • hair things (how I refer to hair ties)
  • nail polish remover pads
  • travel size jewelry cleaner
  • tampons
  • tweezers
  • mirror
  • extra earring backs
  • heel protectors for walking in grass in stilettos
  • shoe inserts
  • Static guard or a dryer sheet
  • double-sided fashion tape
  • EpiPen / Benadryl

Two other ideas? Drinking straws (so she can enjoy a beverage after her make-up is all done!) and a Baggu to carry anything extra that day.

purple drinking straws - Wedding Kit

Β Anything else you'd add from personal experience? xo!