Poppin Picks

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When it comes to school supplies (I totally still call them that even though I'm not in school!), I have a problem. Not only do I celebrate their existence, but I am obnoxiously particular about which ones I like. I was sitting at a bridal shower in Central Park this weekend and a girl, after hearing my background, asked me my honest opinion about the pens we were using to fill out wishes for the bride. I shook my head to indicate they weren't my favorite, but attempted to explain myself so I didn't sound like a total pen snob. She seemed genuinely intrigued about which pens I recommend (I had never met this girl before, but she might be my soul mate) so I reached for my giant purse for a little show & tell action. Even though these pens are my go-to for writing a nice letter and I obviously love the ol' ink & dip pen for calligraphy (say "no!" to fountain pens), I've found that a nice, lightweight ballpoint is great for making to-do lists and scribbling on post-it-notes which I do all the live-long-day. So there I was, on a blanket in Central Park, giving an infomercial on pens...when I reached into my purse and pulled out a white Poppin pen, "Have you heard of THESE? They're my new fave." They come in a ton of colors, but there's something about the white I love. Not only does Poppin make pens, but also a plethora of other fun, colorful desk products. I use their neon green/yellow ruler for art projects (I love that you can still see through them - key!) and have my eye on their staplers for when I set up my new home office ;) Do you need some new school/office supplies in your life? SHOP HERE. Pssst! If you're local, they sell their line at A.I. Friedman!