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May2014 Lately, there's been:

  • "just because" peonies with a post-it-note.
  • stoop time with my smoothie, when I mentally name all the dogs that walk by.
  • a high-five to the yellow flower for being different.
  • lots & lots of envelopes.
  • honey dijon chicken & brussels sprouts.
  • my nifty plastic phone cord-esque insect repellant bracelet. I react very poorly to bug-bites (they've landed me in the ER before!) so hopefully this will help in my attempt to NOT be the bride covered in welts.
  • a date-night with P.
  • a flashback to a pic I took of his family 7 years ago! thankful they let me stick around.
  • my nephew, Oliver, turned 1!!! i can't believe it. i also can't wait to meet his little brother who will make his debut this October :) if you're counting, that makes TEN nephews. i also have two nieces, and the oldest turns 21 in two days which blows my mind...
  • blueberries & lemons in my water! i love this bottle (thank you, Define Bottle! you might have seen them on Shark Tank.) because it keeps the fruit from reaching the very top so you can drink the infused water without the fruit almost choking you :)
  • python shirt & skull-head earrings. Is it weird that I like girly and edgy things all at the same time? I almost added a really cool skull fixture to our wedding registry, but thought I might scare people.
  • all you can do when it starts pouring while you're eating dinner outside. that friend has been in Bali for a few weeks! I can't wait to hear all about it, and how she managed the 40-hour (for one way!) trip.
  • a Brooklyn champagne & oyster date with miss ABZ.
  • apartment hunting. little did I know I was maybe sitting on our new stoop! we actually already got approved by the owner and signed the lease (and moments before, I ran into my favorite NYC blogger! good omen?) but we won't know for a week if we got it since the board of the building has to approve us. we're frantically gathering documents (thank you to the eleven people who have written such kind reference letters!) and we figure if it's meant to be, it'll work this point, it's out of our hands. i'd be lying if I said we haven't already picked out where we want to put our Christmas tree. hopes are definitely up. fingers crossed.
  • in case you were wondering if CT & Diem are back together, it appears so! i walked behind them for 3 blocks, and i saw them from the front and confirmed his Boston accent - totally them. yes, Patrick makes me watch Real World Challenge.
  • i love that Central Park has a castle.
  • ...and it's a perfect little backdrop for a bridal shower!
  • that was the device I had strapped to me for 24-hours to check my blood pressure on the hour. not cumbersome at all..! i haven't had a chance to take it back to the doctor's office, but i'm curious what the results will say. not gonna lie, it was woke me up while I slept, and i'd be walking down the subway steps carrying my bag and it would start compressing and my hand would go numb and the cord was all wrapped around my torso. not the best feeling/look.
  • apparently, Virginia = Bridget?
  • years ago, i wrote a children's story called, "You Didn't Come From My Belly, You Came From My Heart" about adoption and tried desperately to get it published to no avail. this new book is basically that exact same story, similarly titled, "Born From the Heart." How about, a dagger to the heart? Sigh. I'm going to take it a sign to write something new!