Decor Dreamin'

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We have to be out of our home in less than 20 days and we have yet to pack a single box. And after five years of living in our current place, I have accumulated a lot. The one thing I'm hoping will make it easy (wrong word? prob.)  is that we're barely bringing any of our current furniture! I have an antique four-poster bed, and while it's too small and we hope to put it in a guest room one day, it's actually perfect for NYC apartments and it's the only nice thing I have so it's coming with. Beyond that? We might take a stool. And a teeny "bedside table" that has a couple drawers. And another teeny side table with storage that may or may not work well in the new place. That's it. I suppose the one good thing about having an apartment full of a hodgepodge collection of furniture you found on the street, Craigslist, or at Housing Works, is that you're not sad about selling it or leaving it on the curb! You can put a microwave on the sidewalk here, walk around the block, and it's gone by the time you're back. It's weird and wonderful all at the same time.

We might attempt some sort of stoop sale since there's actually a lot of stuff we need to part ways with as well. It's time we graduate from the miniature dinner plates, from the cardboard column/table that was leftover from an Off-Broadway production, from the couch (that's really just a chair with 5 more inches of width) that I found on the sale floor of IKEA, and from the child-size wardrobe that can't fit the length or width of  Patrick's clothes. We've basically been living like Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel in the end of Elf!

In the spirit of out with the old/in with the new, I find myself daydreaming about how to decorate our new space. I hate to admit it, but since Patrick moved into the apartment 3 years after I did, it never really feel like ours. It makes me really excited about moving into a new space together where we can both make it feel like home! Between my four years at boarding school, our random houses/apartments in college, Patrick playing baseball all over the country and living with host families/in hotels & apartments, having 3 separate roommates in my last place, and then Patrick moving in two years ago as my boyfriend, nothing has really felt official...until now! I have to be mindful of not making things feel *too* girly, but Patrick says he likes when I "Ginn-i-fy" things so I guess that means he appreciates my style. Either way, it's going to be nice to make those big decisions together. I feel like a home should not only reflect your taste, but what inspires you. Most importantly, it should reflect your story, and I'm grateful I get to share mine now.

here are some decor pieces that have caught my eye in case you're decorating, too!

1. i've always wanted a Harry Allen metallic piggy bank! Patrick doesn't get it, and thinks I'm weird.

2. huge fan of nailhead anything. this console is so chic! (And Roxy, the girl behind Society Social, is the SWEETEST!)

3. i have one of these python trays and i loooove it.

4. great color on this lamp! pssst, did you know that you can search by pantone on Lamps Plus?

5. i am honestly obsessed with this rug and need to start saving my pennies.

6. you can never have too many colorful throw pillows.

7. while i don't typically gravitate to green, i think these agate jewelry boxes are so pretty.

8. the pom-poms on this throw take it from boring to super-duper-cute.

9. the traditional style of this wing chair + pop of color? so fun! (one of my goals in life is to learn how to reupholster furniture by myself. you can turn so many old finds into something new!)

10. one of my favorite parts about decorating a home is hanging pictures and artwork, and while most of them will be our own pieces (i can't wait to finally frame some of our photographs!), we really like the idea of adding a special New York City image, and we both love this print.

any furniture/decor finds I need to know about? do tell!