Snippets of Our New Home!

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I'm tickled to finally share a few pictures of our new apartment we will be moving into near the end of the month :)

a little background:

A few weeks ago, late on a Saturday night, we were feeling so over the apartment hunt. We were entertaining the idea of moving to farrr out in Brooklyn or wayyy up in Harlem, but nothing we found felt right. It was incredibly overwhelming and draining and stressful. Before we turned in for the night, Patrick made a last ditch effort to see if there were any promising listings on StreetEasy. (If you're not familiar with that site, it's the best for apartment hunting in NYC.) An adorable home popped up in the Upper West Side, looking a little too-good-to-be-true and Patrick swung his laptop around to show me. It had just been listed for an open house the next day! He had to work all Sunday so I made the decision to rearrange plans and go myself. I got there early and sat on the stoop (took this pic!) and was the first person to see it when the broker arrived. I immediately texted Patrick that I loved it, and we arranged for him to see it the very next day and he quickly fell in love as well. It's definitely still very small (so it's not too good to be true!) but bigger than where we are now, and has a better set-up. By Monday night, we had put in an offer (with many other applicants) and the listing was removed. That's right, it was on the market for ONE business day. That's how it works here. Insanity. After providing every ounce of information about ourselves and being measured up against other qualified people, the owner picked us. We were elated! Little did we know that the vetting process had only begun. Fast forward through eleven reference letters (for which we are truly grateful!!), countless other documents, and an interview with the board where I brought along these bad boys:


 ^^^ the best cookies!

...and on Monday night, at a quarter to midnight, we got an email that we were officially approved. It was funny since I was obsessively (no seriously, obsessively) refreshing my inbox over and over again until about 11:30 at which point I gave up. And then a few minutes later Patrick looked at me and said, "Ahem...have you checked your email? You might want to." Of course he threw me off with a disappointed look, but then when I realized he was pulling my leg we both hugged and cheered! And then I couldn't sleep a wink. Too excited :)

Here are some snippets of the new place:

living room

the living room! ^^^

We currently live on the back of the building and while I don't really mind it, it can feel a little cave-like.

But now, we have light! So much of it!


I'm enchanted by the details of the mantle and the exposed brick. And I know we'll put those built-in shelves to good use! The individual shelves can be removed/adjusted to make for varying heights so I already know I'm gonna spend wayyyy too long arranging books and knick-knacks :)


This ^^^ is a glimpse of our itty-bitty bedroom. The closet is narrow but tall and we have a very nice ceiling fan for a cool breeze. We also have a through-the-wall AC unit which will be a lifesaver this summer. There is an open walkway between the bedroom and living room where we plan to hang a heavy and opaque curtain.


This here ^^^ is my favorite nook of the whole place. I declare it the official new headquarters of From The Hart!

I mean, how great is that built-in desk with shelves? Can you see why I found the space charming?

Also, that closet! There are multiple shelves above it, too!


Here ^^^ is our easy-bake-oven-sized kitchen in which I will attempt to learn how to cook.

I'm pretty sure I had a plastic kitchenette as a child that is bigger than this!

I actually like the fact that it's its own separate room (even though room = miniature cube).

The drop-down table you see can be used for both a table and counter space which will be nice!


Our bathroom sink looks like a big bowl! ^^^

Looks like we can ditch our shower curtain/liners. And there are more shelves (love all the storage!) not pictured.

Guess what else is in this room... a toilet!

(For the last 5 years, the toilet has not been in the same room as the shower and sink. This is a big step up for us, you guys.)

My favorite thing about this room is that the tub is big enough to take a bath.

I have not had that luxury in a very long time, and I am so darn excited you have no idea.


This ^^^ is my other favorite thing... a utility/linen/etc. closet!

Behind the right door are shelves for things like towels. Is it sad I'm grateful for towel storage?


We want to get nice curtains for the windows, but plan on leaving them open most of the time to enjoy the pretty view.


Also, the window sills are deep enough to sit on!


For people not familiar with Manhattan, it can be hard to envision where we're moving. Here's a little map to help!


For the past 7 years I've lived in one area: the border of Chelsea and the West Village. I love it and it feels very much like home to me so I know this will still be a transition despite how much we are looking forward to exploring a new area. As you can see, we are literally moving straight uptown (movin' on up!) so it's a nice, straight shot on the subway. I actually prefer the West side of Manhattan so I'm thankful we get to stay :) The Upper West Side is a lot more family-oriented, but there are still a ton of restaurants, shops, and things to do. Our street reminds me of You've Got Mail (which was filmed in the area!) and we're already excited to see how it looks with the changing seasons. One of the biggest things I'm happy about is the fact that we are going to be SO close to Central's practically our backyard! I think my soul is ready to be around more grass and trees. We have big plans to start running in the park this summer. I hope my lungs are ready...

I will try and eventually share some "after" pics once we're all settled and decorated! My goal is to have it all finished before the wedding (4 months from today) even though the spaz in me will want everything put away immediately :)