Lauren Essl's Calligraphy Class!

calligraphyVirginia HartComment


 I wanted to share some pics from Lauren Essl's calligraphy class I took last weekend!

photo 1

 How cute is the little set-up? ^^^ So many exciting goodies.

photo 3

 She taught us how to mix gouache into ink and walked around writing letters for us to imitate.

photo 5

The class was held at Knot & Bow, a brand I adore! They make my favorite packaging supplies. (So many heart things!)

photo 4

 Also, I'm preeeetty sure I need one of these ^^^ from Confetti System.

photo 2

I had big fun with that 'F' up there. ^^^


 practice sheets upon practice sheets. ^^^

Lauren Essl, from Blue Eye Brown Eye,  is based in Texas, and I'm thrilled I had a chance to meet her and take her class while she was in town. There's always more to learn with any craft and her tips and tricks were incredibly helpful. I loved meeting other calligraphy enthusiasts in the class as well! It's such a warm and creative community. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class -- in any creative realm -- I highly recommend! It's one of my favorite things to do. ♥