We Moved ... And Somehow Survived

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moving weekend 2014

Moving is so darn exciting, but let's be real -- it's exhausting. I can't comprehend how we have so much stuff! I know, I's totally my fault, I realize. Patrick's dad and brother drove to the city this weekend to help us which was a life-saver. We teased that we'd STILL be carrying boxes to the curb if they hadn't...and we most likely wouldn't be getting married due to the frustration that would have ensued. ;) I have a feeling, however, that they will be reminding me I have too many clothes for years to come. They were such troopers - Patrick, too. Aside from barely getting our U-Haul van back in time and a shattered brand new TV (oy! thankfully not our fault so it's returnable), things pretty much went according to plan including the typical IKEA drama :)

I took Friday off to finish packing and we started the morning off with breakfast at Cafe Clunyour favorite. As sad as I am that I won't be walking distance from their front door, I keep reminding myself it's just a subway ride away. Good heavens, if we were leaving the city entirely I'm not sure I would have made it through the weekend. Fast forward to Sunday afternoon when were cleaning out the old apartment: we patched up wall holes, scrubbed the bathroom and swept the floors as we really wanted to leave things in tip-top shape. But then it was time to take our keys off our key rings, place them on the sink and close the door one last time. It was an emotional cue that I wasn't anticipating in the least. I completely LOST IT. I couldn't even look at Patrick. The ups & downs of the last five years, particularly the 3-year stretch where it was just me living there, flashed before my eyes in the most overwhelming of ways. Our lives are changing in more ways than one, and it felt very much like we were officially shutting a door on that previous chapter.

Saturday night, after watching strangers load up much of our old furniture into their cars (bye, things!), we decided to hit up the driving range at Chelsea Piers! I love that you can order food from the bowling alley next door and go to a triple-decker range until midnight. Like, where else?! Last night, Patrick and I had a pizza picnic on the floor and decided to explore the basement and new, highly organized and gated trash area, testing the seventeen keys we were given. It felt like we were little kids staying in a relative's home, exploring every little nook and cranny. We were far too giddy to go to sleep at a reasonable hour so we stayed up late, discussing decorating ideas and getting used to the new building's sounds and trying to block out the street light - we need curtains ASAP. Not gonna lie, I've already fallen head over heels for our neighborhood...there's something about the air uptown that feels different. It's more open and livable. And our street is just so cute! While it doesn't feel like home quite yet, I think it will :)

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