Pattern Play

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In decorating a new home, I don't really go about things with a plan or theme. I buy what I love and let it work together. Risky? Probably. While I typically gravitate towards things like all-white bedding, I'm having a moment with patterns. Lots and lots of patterns. And I don't care if they technically match as long as I love them. I might have ordered curtains with elephants all over them that will either be fabulous or quickly returned. Sidenote: I bought a hamper this weekend at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I was so proud that I put it together myself in one try (unlike this project that we had to re-build twice!) that I didn't even realize it was kinda big. Ok, really big. Patrick came home and just stood there staring at it. "You bought an industrial-sized hamper with four-wheel drive?" I hate when he's right, but I was crying I was laughing so hard. So yes, that has already been returned. We'll see about the curtains. Anyway, we also have a couch being delivered soon (words cannot express our excitement) that's a really pretty light grey neutral color which meannns we need fun throw pillows. As much as I want to whip out my sewing machine that surfaced in the move and re-learn how to make my own, I really don't have time for that.  (Sigh. One day, sewing machine, one day!) Good thing there are a ton of fun options out there. Here are some patterns I'm loving lately!

1. Fox-print sheets. Because why not.

2. Jonathan Adler pink & orange diamond ikat pillow.

3. yellow Scalamandre pillow.

4. love rug.

5. Burmese blue footed bowl.

6. Donna Karen NYC tissue box. (there's an entire adorable set.)

7. Dragonfruit gold dot napkins.

8. Ankara teal quilt.

9. West Elm anchor towels.