100 Days

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100 days from today I'll marry my college sweetheart and we'll walk hand-in-hand out of the prettiest little church as husband and wife. It's hard to believe the date is that close, actually, as it's been farrrr out in the distant future for so long...even before he proposed and I only day-dreamed about it. Ya know, starting when I was nineteen and knew him for approximately 24 hours ;)

And to be honest, planning a wedding isn't all the sunshine and rainbows it's cracked up to be. It can easily become about other people and those relationships and the million little details and hoopla that I've decided doesn't matter. What matters is that when I wake up each morning, he's the first person I think of and the last person I wanna babble to as I fall asleep. He's the other keeper of our countless inside jokes and stories and memories...and we know when we travel together something crazy's bound to happen so watch out, Mexico. We've faced quite a few obstacles over the years as we've grown older and I'm sure there's a-plenty more where that came from in the uncertain future...having him on my side, though, somehow makes it all seem okay.


He knows that a kiss on my forehead makes a bad day better. And I love when he sends me emails of things he knows I'll like, sometimes with the warning of, "this will make you cry." He's my biggest cheerleader, full of encouragement and has always celebrated my dreams and differences and individuality which means more to me than I can say. I love that he's game for living in a shoebox-sized apartment in New York City and surrounding ourselves by a life that challenges us to learn new things. He's secretly one of the most sentimental people I know and he cares the world for his family and loved ones. I'm glad I can be my silly self around him and that he's silly right back. To be honest, we're just two big kids. And he's so darn tall that I can nuzzle in right under his arms so his hugs are simply the best. He gets the hiccups every single time he eats a tuna fish sandwich which makes zero sense and he has a terrible habit of picking his nails. (drives me nuts) Also, he's as stubborn as all get-out. But guess what, so am I. His belly laugh is the most contagious laugh my little soul has ever heard and my heart practically bursts when I think of him being the father to any future children that come our way. And if I have the luxury of growing old and gray then by golly I want him teasing me at my side. Because that's how you flirt when you're nineteen. You tease. And it looks like that's never going away ;)


I chose him...and I feel like the luckiest girl that he chose me back. And that's what matters.

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photos by elisa bricker.