Around These Parts

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71614 copy Around these parts there's been...

a 4th-of-July celebrated by building an IKEA dresser. if you're wondering, it's the least fun way to celebrate 4th-of-July.

our glorious new couch! the chaise part is so wide that we can both fit on that part if we want to cuddle. but if i'm on the other side, my feet don't even reach patrick! you have no idea how nice it feels that we can finally sprawl out a little bit.

realizing it's the first time since moving to this city (7 yearrrrs) that I've had a comfortable place to sit. it's a miracle i ever stood up again.

curtains! from far away they look like polka dots until you look closely and realize they're elephants :) i actually really love them. they're different! we debated getting a liner added, and still might, but i'm honestly loving the natural light so much that i don't want to block it. we have a third curtain (with pom-poms!) acting as our bedroom door. i'm excited to show you once it's all put together.

sunday morning trips to the farmer's market! i'm kind of addicted. is that a mint plant you see? you bet it is.

but don't worry, i'm still eating stuff that's not good for me when there's a reason to celebrate ;)


lots of time with this cutie although lately we've had more work on our plate than fun. our honeymoon can't come soon enough.

remember the article i shared about nora ephron? this was her old apartment building.

the view of the run around the Central Park reservoir is absolutely breathtaking.

i might have chased a lightning bug. can you tell it's been a while since i've connected with nature?


there's also been...

my dear friend's 29th birthday!

& a sparkler i carried around in my purse waiting for the special occasion :)

baby shower invitations with the cutest theme around

a memo to myself get more sleep after staying up wayyy too late working on our own invitations. as much as i cherish being our designer and as thrilled i am with how they're coming out, i totally get why brides hire other people to take care of it all. it's a lot.

a little preview of some of May Design's new photo announcements & custom cards they launched last week!

sitting in a waiting room earlier this month thinking this was an issue from last year but NOPE, it's almost August. (one month until those thick September issues - wild!)

rain. lots of it. and the loudest thunder i've ever heard.

a pic my mom sent of the hand towel she had in her powder room for my shower last weekend. (pics to come!)