Shelf Storage

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Are we unpacked yet? Ha! Nope. I still have a few bags filled with who-knows-what and I just want to wiggle my nose and have everything in its new place. We've been using an upside-down cardboard box as our coffee table until our real one arrives (so glam, right?) and every surface has stacks of framed pictures and doodads we haven't had time to hang. We are really fortunate to have massive built-in bookshelves in our living room and right now we have all of our books and DVDs on there, but we've also just sort of stuffed everything else on them to get it all off the floor. It's not organized or pretty, and it's driving me crazy. Even though we're headed out of town tomorrow morning and I have to go back to the print studio tonight to do press checks for our invitations (so exciting!), I want to see if I can also stop by the Container Store to pick up a couple things. What's the Container Store? It's basically a store for every organizational need. Hellooo, heaven. I've been trolling Pinterest for inspiration on how to make the shelves both cute and functional, and I've come to the conclusion that some of our things need to be hidden in a compartment/bin/basket/box/container situation. Here are some shelf storage options that I like from a couple different retailers!

1. Rugby Stripe bin. We're using something similar in our bathroom to store my hair dryer and makeup bags.

2. Metallic basket? Yes, please.

3. Lusting after this horn box. We were gifted the cooolest horn salt & pepper shakers that I keep moving around the kitchen to find their perfect resting place. I have a thing for horn.

4. The pattern on these bone boxes would totally snaz up a shelf. I also like the idea of stacking things horizontally to mix things up.

5. These rattan bins are really versatile and would match the wood in our fireplace. Speaking of, we found out it's a working fireplace. !!! Only 5 months 'til Christmas! ...not that I'm counting or anything.

6. Bring in color with Hable Construction storage. I've brought up this company before, I realize, but I just really love their colorful fabrics.

P.S. One of our shelves has been designed to remain on a slant (sort of like this, but bigger) for something to be on display. Any suggestions for what we should put on it?