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lights, sunset, coffee table We put little reading lights under the shelves over the bed! I was disappointed that our bedroom couldn't fit a bedside table (I dream of having room for TWO matching tables one day), but part of living in NYC is knowing you can't win 'em all in an apartment. There's bound to be something you'd change! The lights were an easy fix, being battery operated (no unsightly cords) with a little push button to turn them on/off. We've yet to figure out what we want to do with the shelves but it's honestly been nice to have a place to put a glass of water at night, a book, or all the Chapsticks I seem to hoard.

My girlfriend & I went on a walk along the water the other week and saw the prettiest glowing clouds. We might not be near the High Line anymore, but we now have Riverside Park!

Our new coffee table!!!!!!!!! My life feels complete.

sunset, with patrick, bride & groom

We went to a fun wedding in rural Massachusetts with an outdoor ceremony that had the.most.breathtaking views. Look at that sunset!

with patrick & photobooth july 2014

A few snapshots with my cute date. Funny story: We realized in the hotel when we were changing into our dress clothes (which was, like, 20 minutes before the ceremony because we're goons and were totally running late that day) that the shirt we bought Patrick was four sizes too big. He looked like a flying squirrel with all the extra fabric and I couldn't stop laughing. Always an adventure with that one! ;)

wedding planner, reservoir, maggie & ellery

I had my planner & my wedding shoes in tow with me one day when I was headed to my first dress fitting. After falling in love with a tattered, ill-fitting sample last year it was so nice to see the real thing. I have no idea how I look in it but I feel so darn special :) It's killing me not to show Patrick! I really hope he likes it. We aren't doing a first look (Patrick put his foot down on that one) so the first time we'll see each other is in the church moments before we say our vows. I mean, I might faint! But seriously - knowing me? I probably will.

A snapshot of the Central Park reservoir during a little run. It's been therapeutic to throw on some jams and take in the views. I've realized I struggle without music, by the way.  I ran with Patrick last night and left my phone at home and I forced him to tell me childhood stories the whole time so I had something to distract me haha!

I got to see a dear friend and her sister last weekend! Such a treat.

towels, notecards, Cafe Lalo

Okay so this whole getting married thing feels like a Christmas I don't deserve. According to the state of our old towels? I should have gotten married years ago ;) But really, these white + bisque towels are the softest things ever. I'm so excited. And for the first time since moving to the city, we can accept packages at home which feels like the biggest luxury!

I'll share some pictures of my new work space soon, but here's a little snapshot from the other night when I realized how cool it feels to finally have a desk and a comfortable chair and a nice place to sit and write a note. So thankful!

Cafe Lalo, the place I was telling you about! Is it not the most magical little restaurant, with the twinkle lights out front? I just added this to my Amazon cart because I need to own it.