Morning Light

NYCVirginia Hart3 Comments

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Are you a morning person or a night owl? One of my goals this fall (with fall comes new beginnings, yes?) is to try and become a morning person. Because I am not. Like, not at all. I blame boarding school, I think. I was thirteen at the time and I felt so cool and rebellious staying up for no good reason. Living in a dorm with girls my age felt like one giant slumber party! Who needed sleep? Once school became demanding, I used that time to study and frankly, I worked my butt off. There wasn't a parent shutting off my light so I'd sit out in the hallway if my roommate went to bed. As an adult, I find myself constantly debating if I should stay up a little later (sometimes 1 or 2 in the morning) to get things done or put it off until tomorrow. That's the thing that's tough for me -- putting things off until a later date. I feel like I've failed the day somehow which is so silly since most of the deadlines are ones I've given myself. I'm curious: Do you give yourself a set bedtime every night? Do you look at the clock and stop whatever you're doing and put yourself to bed? What's your alarm clock situation? How many times do you press the snooze button? 

I left home a little early today since Patrick's dad and little sister stayed with us last night. I was tiptoeing around, trying to get ready as quickly as possible with hopes of not waking anyone and came out to the street to find the prettiest morning light. There's something special about the mornings here. There's a brief moment where the city is quiet, especially right after holidays. New Year's Day, for example? It's silent. And then all of a sudden, it comes to life again. Your neighbors pull up their blinds and head down to the street in a sleepy search of their morning paper. Shop owners roll up their gates and the street sweepers hum down the pavement. Little children scoot to school (Literally! Every kid on the Upper West Side owns a scooter.) and the parents scurry behind them, juggling their non-fat vanilla soy lattes. Millions of people around, getting a fresh start.

Here's to fresh starts, new beginnings, and enjoying more of that New York City morning light ~