Upstate Bridal Shower

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I wanted to share a few snapshots from my adorable upstate bridal shower, hosted by Patrick's mom, sisters, and aunt.

The weather couldn't have been prettier, and I was surrounded by a whole lotta love.

Syracuse Bridal Shower 1

pink floral centerpieces + personalized wine labels + laminated name tags!

Syracuse Bridal Shower 2

 How cute is that cake? ...and the little cheese tags?

Syracuse Bridal Shower 3

Patrick's beautiful sisters! Patrick is 14 years older than Maura (left) which is the same age difference between my older sister & me. When I met Maura, I think she was around 5 (and so little!) and I'm constantly amazed at how quickly she's growing up...and how tall she's gotten! When we were unpacking our apartment, I found a stash of notes I saved from her when we used to visit from college. (I have trouble throwing out handwritten notes from anyone in my life especially when they incorporate drawings!) I totally relate to being the baby of the fam -- having multiple caretakers,  being teased (her brothers call her "Mike"), and cherishing those times when the older siblings come back to visit. It's been such a gift to see her grow into the sweetest little lady over the years.

Meaghan (right) is 13 months older than Patrick and I fall somewhere in between the two of them, age-wise. Having a soon-to-be-sis-in-law that's around my age is a total blessing, by the way. We remained good friends over the years, even when Patrick and I broke up along the way. At the time, I remember thinking how lucky I was. Still am ... and  I'm incredibly thankful that one of my dear friends is now going to be a family member :)

Syracuse Bridal Shower 4

I'd like you to take a guess at how many corks are in there (I'll tell you later) because I was wayyy off.

The countdown is officially bringing on about every emotion imaginable. I can't believe it's almost here!

Also? The bride wore leopard.

Syracuse Bridal Shower 5

 How pretty are those crowns?! (I love them, Cheryl!)

I wish I had pictures of some of the creative wrapping paper that was of the bows was made from an old wedding dress! How special!

Syracuse Bridal Shower 8

the hostesses with the mostesses.

Syracuse Bridal Shower 6

I finally got to meet our friend's 3-month-old, precious baby Cate! I'm so jealous of her because she has a birthmark in the shape of a teeny-tiny heart, which might be the coolest thing ever.

Syracuse Bridal Shower 7

 new pillow from Maura... ahh-mazing, y'all.

Syracuse Bridal Showr 10

I was THIS close to making it through the shower without having a total emotional meltdown. (I lost it approximately four seconds in during my Virginia shower so I guess I'm improving.) But then Meaghan gave me a basket of wine with labels for all of our "firsts", including our first New Year's Eve, first dinner party, first anniversary, and first baby (a non-alcoholic one) and I couldn't keep it together imagining all that. So, so sweet.

Syracuse Bridal Shower 9

And then this is the ugly-crying face I'm always telling you about. Told you. Patrick's mom had personalized Christmas stockings made for our mantle in NYC that match the ones they've had all growing up and I completely fell apart. Patrick's aunt, Rosemary, sewed on little sequins to give them extra sparkle (she knows the way to my heart, that one) and it was such a meaningful gift.  I'm just a wee sentimental if you haven't noticed ;)

Thank you to everyone who came or sent love from afar!

And a huge thank you to the hostesses who put together so many beautiful details for the party.

Y'all (ha!) are the best :)

p.s. thank you to Rosemary & Audrey for these pictures!

p.p.s. There were 94 corks in that little vase. Can you believe that?!